as a typical parasitic economies

as a typical parasitic economies, said are beautiful in the host Hatsubasa Mitoyo Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Women UK Online Sale on the need to find another way out, and mobile electric beautiful said the next breakthrough. The mode of Zhang this paper, published in the sales and marketing magazine edition in 2014 07 issue of recently, the domestic famous shopping website beautiful said the announcement, disable the Alipay payment. But another domestic Nike Flex Experience RN shopping website mushroom street has early and pay treasure to break. Pay Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Men UK Online Sale treasure to its two main shopping website has with the Alibaba under part company each going his own way, the source in the Taobao to control traffic sources and the Commission on entrance Glow in the Dark Jordan Men cut, Taobao strategy almost led to two sites of food. And now, Taobao Cheap Nike Free 5.0 UK Online Sale has further increased the pressure on shopping website, which also makes beautiful said they can only be another way of living. With beautiful said, mushroom street as the representative of the former Taobao minions, the future road how to go? Taobao now don’t attendant once, and the relationship between Nike Free Run 3 the beautiful mushWomens  Nike Free 4.0 V2 Pink Gold Greenroom street and Taobao good to let the human envy. Shopping website is a typical parasitic economies, in Taobao alone big background, shopping has become no choice, must rely on Taobao environment. In the past, Alibaba also need third party to guide support, must also be leveraging social shopping website Taobao, Taobao has no social attributes, and the mushroom street, beautiful said to make up for this deficiency, Taobao and so, shopping guide network have come to the fore, and live up to expectations, Nike Air Max Women with the mass user owned, greatly stimulated the transaction the amount of taobao. but such thing won’t last long. Taobao is not always benefit the people. Published do not support the upstream guide website internal continues to expand in Ma, Alibaba flow inlet should be grassland than forest; do not support the rebate website point of view, Alibaba has been adjusted to clean out treasure guest policy. Taobao closed the water third party shopping website had a bad day began. and, in Taobao stake in Sina micro Bo do not even looking for website. In 2013 April, Ali’s stake in Sina Weibo, huge flow at the entrance to a social network to open. In order to make the window form quickly force, Alibaba in 2013 for Sina Weibo contributed $49130000. According to the 2014 and March Sina Weibo submit us initial public offering IPO application shows that micro Bo monthly active users MAU and the number of daily active users DAU numbers were respectively 129100000 and 61400000, adequate purchasing power is gradually being Alibaba converted into purchasing power, coupled with excellent station, search engine power, iron triangle formation enough for Taobao is no longer beauty. besides, beautiful said, mushroom street in grow up rely on Taobao, also have no past so Nike Max 90 Current Moire obedient. Data shows, 2013, beautiful said to Taobao bring turnover has exceeded 3000000000 Yuan, from Lebron James Shoes Taobao

6 a day 365 days a year

2.6 a day 365 days a year, according to the count, I Qiazhiyisuan, darling, a year Nike Flex Experience RN 949, national entrepreneurship rhythm ah. Online education will become Glow in the Dark Jordan Men the next speculative locusts Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Women UK Online Sale sweeping land? The mode of Lebron James Shoes ZhangWatch the news Nike Max 90 Current Moire the morning, bored point opened one called online education site Nike Free Run 3 construction association: big brother not to participate in the small institution of science and technology news of his play, this news is not what meaning, is a few small companies have a meeting, then the media reports about the joke. Be too numerous to enumerate similar association many, mostly is a Caotai group. but this news has a word but let me be startled at, not because of what Gong Haiyan’s ladder network is one of the founders of units, more than once had Jiayuan Helen of Troy Gong Haiyan do matchmaker, to do the teachers. But data shows, domestic every day about 2.6 internet education company was born, last year alone has about 26 with technology innovation, product innovation and business model innovation of Internet education company to obtain financing. really, every dWomens  Nike Free 4.0 V2 Grey Reday 2.6, according to 365 days a year, I Qiazhiyisuan, darling, a year 949, national entrepreneurship rhythm ah. My mind immediately came a year of web games, electric chaos, thousand regiment war, mobile App picture. Online education will become the next speculative locusts sweeping land? there is no doubt that online education will be fire, but not Nike Air Max Women fire to can make online education company thousands can eat degree. No core competitiveness, it is just some offline programs moved online only, become a public class paid Cheap Nike Free 5.0 UK Online Sale version. the establishment of this new association is the main three companies: the ladder network, micro class network, good education network, to a large extent, they still tangled in a free and paid for, and the problem of valueadded services. To learn the general manager of education Xiao Songbai said, perhaps the future of online education courses are free, but not now. Now free to everyone also not agree, because the user habit has not exactly been US efforts to transform, can only say that now the transformation learner inside a small number of people. this tongue twister down, the core is still how perfectly justifiable to collect money for students. But I think, actually thought may overturn, namely, how to make students willing to pay. The content of education rotten street, the best course is free. As 100 of YY education with IELTS free means directly against New Oriental Mingmen, also has created excellent propaganda effect for yourself. But the benefits of online education really is crowdsourcing. That is, in all seven eight to nine Li education content may in the long tail condition, obtains the income. May profit mode of I have for example online education and friends, for example, English teaching, like crazy English like, certainly not much space, because the bad street, but if it is a carpenter? For example, online to tell you how to use the Internet thinking a belong Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Men UK Online Sale to his desk to cook, from simple carpentry Professor start

order language: small secret Bembo before two blog wrote IT commentator and Bob work portrayal and eye

order language: small secret Bembo before two blog wrote IT Nike Max 90 Current Moire commentator and Nike Free Run 3 Bob work portrayal and eye, received positive response of many users. In this article we talk about testing division, perhaps in the ordinary view testing division looks tall, but the actual work is very bitter, not letter you look down! Why is testing division? Cite a simple example, we usually use computer, display, mobile phone have specialized testing division of professional evaluation, Lebron James Shoes evaluating them Cheap Nike Free 5.0 UK Online Sale every day to all components, for all kinds of product configuration, parameters, it can be said that the evaluation results are basically in the display to show. Although the display is unable to determine the evaluation results, but it can affect the Evaluation Division of the eye. so, a good Glow in the Dark Jordan Men display, particularly eye display, is crucial for evaluating teacher! remember the computer just came back into fashion, like DIY, then select DIY for two reasons: one is to price is higher; another reason is that can be configured according to their own preferences, like big game students will naturally choose graphics more powerful, explicit deposiWomens  Nike Free 4.0 V2 Light Purple Fluorescencet larger configuration; rather like graphics in addition to the graphics processing requirements, there are some requirements for display, and of course, like to listen to the effect, it will have more appeal to the sound Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Men UK Online Sale card. This is the difference. Of course, a big reason is DIY can be a lot cheaper. Common display on the market price is not too expensive for Nike Flex Experience RN the poor is far away, sometimes black and blue screen, the screen actually can see various color flash nonstop, this is a technical problem is fatal, eye injury can say naked. The body we all know as IT, a common display hurt everywhere on the eye. I start with Nike Air Max Women the eye does not flash screen EW2440L is to the force, not screen flash of blue light filtering, effective eye, you see my evaluation work of the screen pictures is not very flexible and stable, and no ripple and color? This shows that the machine 100% flash. Of course, flash does not flash, testing division itself can be obtained through professional and technical evaluation, are interested in friends can measure. with the development of technology, has now entered the era of mobile Internet, mobile phone users in China has reached 1235000000, which created a popular mobile phone evaluation. Mobile phone screen is very small, in the phone itself Evaluation Division of stupid things, so is usually connected to a computer Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Women UK Online Sale screen. I am the eye does not flash screen comes in handy, MHL multi interface, mobile phone connection, the moment small screen larger screen, 24 inches of frameless screen was very open, no matter what the mobile phone testing and software, screen will always remain stable, did not appear the splash screen and corrugated, improved work efficiency and and also protect the eyes, sometimes I measured 1 days several mobile phones, even with 10 hours of work, also didn’t feel tired eyes, no more appeared before using another machine acid bilges painful itch. talk about intelligent hand

in recent years

in recent years, under the impact of and coerced in mobile Internet, traditional media are facing a more difficult situation. The traditional media people home often become a sensitive topic, cause the whole industry’s attention. In the traditional media industry, especially the paper media, the decline trend is very obvious, now journalists confusion might represent the whole mentality of traditional media. While the content is king has been the golden laws and precious rules print insist, content advantage has been its proud proud core advantage, but in the face of print declining reality, the effectiveness of this piece of cards is obviously not applicable. So for the traditional media the focus here refers to print, what is the problem? Nike Free Run 3 new media to subvert the core value Nike Max 90 Current Moire of traditional media: Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Men UK Online Sale coMens Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Blackntent, Glow in the Dark Jordan Men user, channel advantages and advertising value of Nike Air Max Women we know, to traditional media, the content of ecological and user control determines its value for advertising discourse and the entire media ecological Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Men UK Online Sale system control. But the current reality is that traditional media for content production and user Readers to control the increasingly weak force. Along with the development Lebron James Shoes of new media, traditional media content advantage and channel advantage is no longer, the user is mass transfer to the Internet and mobile terminal, user habits has had the earth shaking change. We see that since 80 down, do not read the newspaper groups have expanded rapidly and gradually occupy the mainstream, this is an indisputable fact that. The reason is very simple, people opened the Bo, every concern several micro letter Nike Flex Experience RN public, through the micro blog, mobile news client Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 UK Online Sale can catch of the day almost all of the popular information and focus, the newspaper plane media information has free access to information, the value of content would decrease as inevitable. On the other hand, the development of micro blog and micro letter and other new media platform, make the individual have become the node content production, consumption, communication, content production cost and the threshold is reduced greatly, even no longer exist.

The market status of service window of recent is subtle

The market status of service window of recent is subtle, just launched online and offline services connecting businesses direct, the first one step into Nike Air Max Women the public and Alipay service window produces some vibration. But Micro message have complex ecological public accounts and developers to Nike Free Run 3 build, but pay treasure to open platform just last month overall opening. then pay treasure what play? How to realize the differences and Micro message? How to face the Baidu competition? The author interviewed many pay treasure to third party developers, they have become or will soon become Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Men UK Online Sale the Alipay authorized service provider, in their view, Alipay service windows platform and Micro message public platform biggest difference lies in the payment kernel, and Alipay’s problem is that business client acceptance is not enough. 1 businesses pay treasure platform and Micro message Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Men UK Online Sale platform at the same time, each with a focus on Most developers also operates Micro message public platform business, Alipay service window open platform business. We have pay treasure and Micro message business, business how to use which, we will recommend according to his needs. If you focus Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 UK Online Sale on the dissemination of marMens Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Blackketing, we recommend that he used Micro message, if the focus on the business floor, we recommend him to use alipay. A man named Lebron James Shoes Xie Fei developers said. another developer said that Glow in the Dark Jordan Men provides a set of system for their businesses, two platform, Nike Max 90 Current Moire he recommended Alipay and micro letter two in combination, a is responsible for the new, the one responsible for the transaction. they think, micro letter is a social tool, although the grafted to pay, but its greatest attribute is still is to share and make friends. For businesses, can use this platform to social relations in the form with the user to shake hands, the public platform for information and propaganda window. But pay treasure to emphasize is the transaction, user here first demand is consumption, so the service window emphasizes business floor, rather than a simple graphic publicity. in fact, micro letter public Nike Flex Experience RN platform services and Alipay service window is more similar, are based on enterprise service as the focus, but many merchants service does not really do it, and the most active public signals in the subscription number, but the exchange rate is very low. plagued developers Cheng Xiaoyong’s problem is that the degree of awareness of businesses to pay treasure is not high, they know through the micro letter can grant concessions, to attract customers, customer service, but they don’t know what pay treasure. He think Alipay enterprise terminal publicity even worse than just launched directly to the number of Baidu. 2 pay treasure and micro letter to the developers do not like the way the support Cheng Xiaoyong to pay treasure to provide support for the evaluation of spare no effort to developers. according to Xie Fei, let go and micro letter to all have the ability of the third party in different ways, pay treasure to have a choice of open, choose to have the scale has the capacity to third party signed an agreement to become the Alipay authorized channel business. The channel

anecdotal Microsoft code Durango next generation Xbox game machine tentatively called: Xbox 720 uses the same Sony PS4 X86 architecture of multicore APU

recently, anecdotal Microsoft code Durango next generation Xbox game machine tentatively called: Xbox 720 uses the same Sony PS4 X86 architecture of multicore APU, resulting in AMD shares soared 13%. Similarly, Sony has released PlayStation 4 PS4 is also used in APU, but also enhanced X86 architecture processor. This gold strong performance processor has eight internal fusion nuclear CPU, highend PC level GPU, graphics performance is expected to be 4 times the PS3 graphics chip. Previously, Wii game machine Nintendo also use AMD GPU products. three console makers invariably chose the AMD product, which also releases such a signal AMD products excellent performance in the performance, energy consumption and so won the favor of the home, a home game machine market was almost monopolized by AMD. Throughout the course of development of game machine, it is not difficult to find, smooth operation of the game, beautiful screen display, the perfect game experience is simply a game of survival. AMD’s APU series of products not only meet the Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Men UK Online Sale above demand from the performance, in terms of energy consuMens Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Blackmption is topped. Comparison of comprehensive aspects, numerous manufacturer of AMD products has become the inevitable choice. with the rapid popularization of mobile terminal, mobile phone and other intelligent tablet computer, the traditional PC market lost Nike Max 90 Current Moire its former Nike Free Run 3 glory. Gartner is expected to: flatpanel computer continuously improve performance, makes the user group is more and more wide, accelerate the arrival of the era of flatpanel computer. In 2013, including laptops and desktops, the traditional personal computer market is expected to decline 7.6%. Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 UK Online Sale IDC also said: even in emerging markets, PC launched the consumer boom also gradually fade, now already more and more close to the mature market conditions. in this context, AMD independent, looking to the future opportunities in the game market. Entertainment consumption has been the market hot pursuit, no matter is the emergence of smart phones or tablets are chasing entertainment experience. Home game machine market has always been a group of steadfast fans and players, when the PC environment of the recession, Nike Flex Experience RN AMD used in the embedded field advantage, find a good starting Lebron James Shoes point layout, change the obvious intention. While AMD’s competitors focus on mobile field, but in the face of Qualcomm, Samsung and ARM competition, the development of Intel is not ideal. On the contrary, AMD hard in the home game machine market has achieved very good returns. ‘s performance in the game, the advantage of AMD is more directly. As a new generation of A series of APU as an example, it combines architecture for a maximum of four x86 CPU core, the highest frequency Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Men UK Online Sale acceleration reached a staggering 4.2GHz, and up to 384 stream processors, Radeon HD 7000 series of GPU core, and supports DDR31866 high speed Glow in the Dark Jordan Men memory, the performance of the game has been Nike Air Max Women a qualitative leap than the first generation and thermal design power consumption does not exceed the maximum 100

good morning

good morning! Tea to write Bo, in the news is relatively stable background, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Main Board yesterday index selection Uturn downward adjustment, further highlights the economic trend of weak China Nike Air Foamposite Women fears. Peripheral: oil low drag impact energy plate down, the three major U. S. stock indexes fell today early morning. On the whole A shares, at present the characteristics of structural market is very obvious, Prev Close to 2400 points in the gateway lingers, illustrate the integer points form a large psychological pressure on the main funds, to accumulate strength to rebound further breakthrough. Yesterday, the market fell Chonggao, continuous shrinking the volume, mean Nike Air Force Ones that market activity has significant cooling, a strong waitandsee atmosphere. In the short term, by the impact of Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Men Canada Online Sale a new batch of purchase of new shares, Shanghai Hong Kong opened multiple factors, the index will continue to maintain the shock rest. To be released today HSBC initial exists some uncertainties, but with the publication of all kinds of economic data, the late micro stimulation policy is expected to gradually warming, is expected to support the formation of index. news today: first, the central bank issued financial market operation in 2014 September. 2014 19 months, the financial market overall smooth opeMens Nike Free 3.0 Nubuck Red Black Whiteration. In September, the bond market Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Women Canada Online Sale issuance has declined; money market turnover annulus comparing increases, money market interest rates continued downward; bond average daily turnover annulus comparing increases; between the bank and the exchange bond index were increased slightly; the Blake Griffin Shoes Shanghai Composite Index and Air Jordan Shoes Mens Shenzhen Component Index rose, two city average daily turnover annulus comparing increased. Two, Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice to further standardize the behavior of related transactions of insurance companies, effectively guard against operational risks, protect the legitimate rights and interests of insurance consumers, Insurance Regulatory Commission drafted the Circular on further regulating the related problems of related transactions of Nike Air Max Mens insurance companies Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3 Canada Online Sale Draft, is now open to the public for comments. Three, the national development and Reform Commission, Energy Bureau issued a do a good job in 2014 natural gas peaks winter work notice, said is expected this winter and next spring of China’s natural gas supply and demand in the overall tight. Four, according to customs information network statistics, 19 month of China’s mobile phone exports amounted to $92630000000, a yearonyear growth of 2.5%. Among them, the month in September mobile phone exports reached US $13860000000, a yearonyear growth of 46.9%, growth of 43.3% annulus, hit a new high this year. Five, the SASAC state owned enterprise reform pilot job plan review. Six, the European Central Bank in considering the purchase of corporate bonds. The European Central Bank to buy corporate bonds work had been carried out, but many details have not been determined. Seven, Morgan Stanley Asia Pacific research team in the latest report, A shares have to restore longterm bull market, which is the large Moreton confirmed for the first time China’s stock market has officially entered the bull market. Eight, the Chongqing Municipal Bureau of statistics, NBS Survey Office in Chongqing recently jointly issued the situation of economic operation of 19 months of this year the city. According to preliminary accounting, the first three quarters, Chongqing to achieve GDP GDP 950083000000 yuan, grow 10.8% compared to the same period. Market Review: the purchase of new shares and other factors, A stock market yesterday as the weaker again, closed, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2326.55 points, down 13.10 points or 0.56%; the Shenzhen Component Index closed at 8063.20 points, small

British Prime Minister Cameron David Cameron Thursday October 23rd points out

British Prime Minister Cameron David Cameron Thursday October 23rd points out, at present the euro zone economic weakness will thereafter Nike Air Foamposite Women cause further impact on Britain’s economic prospects, the overall economic recession in Europe under the background, the British will be Air Jordan Shoes Mens subjected to be implicated in trouble. Therefore, he called Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Women Canada Online Sale on eurozone leaders to take effective measures as soon as possible, to keep its economy back to growth on track. Cameron arrived in Brussels to attend the EU summit said, the British economy at present good growth Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice momentum of steady growth, employment, and the new enterprise also emerged like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. However, Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Men Canada Online Sale other European countries overall economic weakness will thereafter cause additional impact on the UK economy, the continental Europe country faced economic concerns and worries will always make people uneasy. Therefore, the country’s leaders need to come up with the plan as soon as possible to promote employment, and deepen the reform of economic structure, in order to Nike Air Force Ones ensure proper growth can be recorded as a whole europe. thereafter, EU leaders will discuss revised for Italy and FranceMens Nike Free 3.0 Grey Black‘s fiscal rules, to ensure that these countries can continue to perform the relevant limit the financial aspects of the provisions in the premise of economic growth under the. However, for being outside the euro zone in Britain, this car is not fully applicable regulations. Cameron also pointed out that the British in help the West African countries Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3 Canada Online Sale against Ebola virus has been at the leading position, while the UK has also urged the EU to set up a $1000000000 special fund against Ebola epidemic crisis, and help the West African epidemic areas rebuild. Nike Air Max Mens 10.24 analysis: spot yesterday day amplitude was relatively light, the daily amplitude of 44 points, from the daily to see three rail brin has Yan Zhongsuo mouth, brin in rail adhesion MA5, MA10 average to form the shortterm resistance at 3430, brin on rail necking to 3530 position, these are some of the key points of pre position. From the necking condition Bollinger Bands, a new round of Powei market is coming, as Bollinger Bands began again when another outbreak of the date is silver, gold sister think today daily main or concern over the 3430 line, 3470 line break continue to shock, if rushed past, still will be in the range of 33703430, the small cap the whole. 4 hours Blake Griffin Shoes of operation in Boolean lower rail aspect of Kline, brin in rail adhesive MA30, MA60, MA120 average is also supporting formed in 3430, MA5 and MA10 to together. Figure MACD index on the O axis speed line below go flat, today slightly higher kinetic energy. Focus on gold sister Sina blog friends suggested near 3430 operating empty single oriented, below the 3370 operation of multiple single. 10.24 analysis: spot yesterday fell sharply, the overall decline of $18, the daily charge a big line. From on line, gold in the continuous impact brin on rail after failing, by

investors in the selection of fund

investors in the selection of fund, often hope that it can keep up with the market hot, hard to seize all opportunities for investment, this approach is reflected in the exchange Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice rate of funds. However, data show that, the high turnover rate of funds does not mean that it can obtain the ideal effect, low turnover funds passive does not always have gained nothing. In fact, the exchange rate affect the performance of the fund managers and operation strategy, investment style and market are closely linked, not lump together. exchange rate reflects the degree of stock trading is the frequent fund operation. The lower turnover rate indicates Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Men Canada Online Sale that the relative stable fund operation style, pay more attention to the Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3 Canada Online Sale buy and hold strategy to create income for investors; and the exchange rate higher is the embodiment of the operation of the fund style flexible. With a low turnover rate of blue chip fund a typical representative of Chinese theme selected fund as an example, the first half of this year, the exchange rate is as low as 0.47 times, is the performance before the 20 active management type partial shares of the fund in exchange rate as a minimum, the fund net worth rose during the first half of 13.23%, ranked nineteenth. Chinese topic Nike Air Force Ones selMens Nike Free 3.0 Grey Orange Blackection fund reported that, as of the end of the two quarter, the fund together hold 44 stocks, mainly distributed in computer communication, medicine and information technology sectors. Once upon a time constitute the Ten Chong Canggu, Qixing electronic, CPT technology, Austrian flying animation, Changchun high tech, ocean motor stocks since 2012 a quarter have been stable holding, five stocks that nearly two years, the average rose as high as 109.42%, which laid a solid foundation for the combined net worth of the stride forward singing militant songs. of course, the high turnover rate of fund are outstanding, because at different stages in different market environment, fund operation style advantages are not the same. In the industry wheel moving faster, active stocks in the background, the exchange rate as Nike Air Max Mens high as the fund investment style flexible active, can raise fund income level through the band operation and grasp the market hot spots. In Agricultural Bank of consumer theme fund as an example, the fund manager of the stocks of the band of operation and phased transfer of convertible Blake Griffin Shoes positions based on Nike Air Foamposite Women the investment strategy, the fund since its inception maintained a high stock turnover rate. Fund manager Fu Juan play a bottomup stock picking advantages and can flexibly sensitive response to the market fluctuation. In the aspect of the selection of stocks, Air Jordan Shoes Mens the market value of less, she prefer to operate relatively small scale, growth of the larger space of stock. In addition, but also pay attention to financial data analysis based on the quarterly and annual reports of statistics, found the company business development bottlenecks or opportunity. Agricultural Bank of consumer theme in recent two years net up 90.35%, the highest in the similar fund tenth. overall, the high turnover rate of the fund in the grasp of the market hot precision sniper, low turnover funds Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Women Canada Online Sale also have the value investment Tai Chi. To remind investors for low turnover rate of omission in funds, the high turnover rate of ideas and has no liquidity risk fund alert. In addition, although the exchange rate index in the selection of a single fund may not have significant guiding significance, but in the process of constructing portfolio, in addition to the performance evaluation, should also be comprehensive

excavator excavator excavator training school training school Wuhan engineering machinery training school was founded in 2006

excavator excavator excavator training school training school Wuhan engineering machinery training school was founded in 2006, is the Hubei Kobe Bryant Shoes Wuhan is approved by the labor and Social Security Bureau, Civil Affairs Bureau and other units of the professional skills of schools have been included in the training base for fixedpoint skill veterans, where the training and examination of school qualified students awarded national occupation qualification certificate and certificate Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3 Women Australia Online Sale of special operations. Multi azimuth school the implementation of school enterprise cooperation, school cooperation, relying on the total work broad sales channels, responsible for student employment recommendation, and offers Jordan Nubuck Men a number of excavator and all kinds of mechanical operational experts and engineering machinery repair personnel for the society. 1, school training period is short, less cost, high employment rate reached 85%, the students employment recommendation distribution outlets in more than 20 of employment in Zhejiang province. 2, because ensuring computer training time, students can be in shortterm inside self driving alone operation, to adapt to a variety of site requirements, so as to realize the technology employment, entrepreneurial skills goal. 3, our school also with large and mediumsized enterprises to establish a longterm strategic partMens Nike Free 3.0 V3 Black Whitenership. Graduate students received the employing units of praise. Glow in the Dark Jordan Men there are construction sites where the basic are the excavator’s shadow, the current role for Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3 Men Australia Online Sale the construction of the excavator is almost essential. Just imagine, China so big, many regions are in development, for the excavator operation personnel needs will be? one can imagine, excavator employment prospects is very good. Of course, the excavator is not so good operation, must have solid theoretical foundation and rich practical experience, you can do this industry. The theory of knowledge can make you understand the operation principle of the excavator, repair and maintenance of knowledge, when the excavator fault you can timely handle. The actual operation experience can let you finish your work more efficiency. This can really be considered an excavator operation personnel. of course, each talent is gradually growing up from nothing, the key is to see you are not serious in learning knowledge and technology. Now China’s heavy industry is in a stage of vigorous development, the excavator operating personnel is very deficient, treatment is also very good, want a good excavator related work, then learn seriously and accumulate experience. I believe this industry will be a piece of the sky belongs to you. Wuhan excavator training school to firmly establish the employment oriented, take ability as the standard, to serve for the purpose of School of thought. The school spirit of all for the sake of students, all Blake Griffin Shoes the work attitude of service for students good education and management work to achieve the real people who need to Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Australia Online Sale work into working people in need, to revitalize the national vocational education, make contribution for the society to cultivate highquality skilled talents Air Jordan Shoes Womens for! four, the application object more than 16 years of age are interested in learning the excavator operation technology of the broad social youth Nike Air Max Womens five, the registration information of 1, blue or white bottom of an inch bareheaded photo 7 2, 1 copies of ID card six, the content of the course and